About Us
Texas Performance Motorcycles is a Harley Davidson based motorcycle shop located in Cedar Park, TX off 183 just north of 1431. 

The owner, Mark Matthews, has been working on bikes since he was 18, and turned his passion full time profession in 2010. With over 5 years in a Harley-Davidson dealership as well as multiple years at independent shops in Mesa and Tempe Arizona, Mark has the knowledge, skill, and ability to handle whatever your needs are.  

Mark was the technician behind multiple custom builds featured in American Baggers Magazine. He can help you turn your dream bike into a reality, whatever that may be. Our goal is for our customers to love their bike, be comfortable on their bike, be confident on their bike, and enjoy riding their bike.
Texas Performance Motorcycles has an open shop policy. We would never do anything in the shop we wouldn't want a customer to see. With that mind set, we welcome customers to wonder in the back to see how things are progressing. We know that motorcycles are not only a large investment but also a part of the family, and we want you to feel confident and comfortable when your bike is in our shop. The only thing we ask is to respect our time and the time other customers have paid for.

At Texas Performance Motorcycles, we know that it can be a challenge to find time to drop-off and pick-up your motorcycle. To help with this issue, we offer a towing service for appointments.

What we do
At Texas Performance Motorcycles, we can handle all of your motorcycle's needs. From diagnoising concerns and maintance to full custom builds, we do it all. With over 7 years experience of working full time on Harley Davidsons, we have seen it all, and fixed it all. We provide dealership level knowledge, skill,  and profesionalism with a personal, local touch.
Our Passion
We here at Texas Performance Motorcycles love all things to do with two wheels. Our passion lies in quality, from the level of work performed to the tools we use. We believe you can tell a lot about someone from these things. The bikes we build are not only powerful but also durable. Mark stands behind all his work 100%. 

At Texas Performance Motorcycles, we not only work on motorcycles, we ride motorcycles. From day trips to Dallas for a beer with friends, to longer rides across the country for a show, we put miles on our bikes. This gives us the ability to test products before we recommend them to our customers.